a tell of the "happy ever after"...

    Jennifer & Eric

    Aside from having a groom, having a wedding planner is the most important ingredient in having your dream wedding. Whether you are having a 6 month, 1 year or 2-year engagement, my advice to anyone who is reading this is to hire a full-time planner. Seriously.

    I am A-type, creative and a bit of a control-freak. Finding the perfect planner, someone I trust enough to plan my wedding, was a bit stressful. I interviewed 3 event planners before my meeting with Laura/Josefina Events. They were all impressive; there was this cute blonde with a Marcia Brady disposition, she sported a killer Kate Spade bag and a serious agenda that booked events up to 2017! I almost hired her. But then I met Laura... It took me only 15 minutes to realize she's 'the one', so I hired her on the spot. Full time. I'm sure Marcia Brady probably would have done the job right, but I'm also sure I would have just been another pencil marking on her calendar. Laura, on the other hand, made me feel as though I was the only Bride in the world, not just in that first meeting, the entire engagement.

    I had my wedding almost 3 weeks ago and it was flawless. At every opportunity, Laura went above and beyond. The venue (which she found) was GORGEOUS, I could not have dreamt of a better place. The challenge, it was outside of San Diego (Simi Valley, over 3 hours north) so finding reliable vendors near the venue was a crapshoot...and to make things a bit more challenging for her, staying in budget was also an absolute MUST. Mission accomplished! Not only did we stay in budget, the food...the cake...the florist...the deejay... all perfect. Seriously. I had several people tell me how perfect everything was and how great my planner is. I had 5 people sent me an email (while on my honeymoon) to tell me how great Laura was....and a handful more told me in person when I came back. Day of wedding - Laura (and Dana) = BOSS! While getting ready, I took a moment to observe how on-top-of-it they were... total ass-kickers. Laura thought of everything, lunch for me and the girls while getting ready...arranging a dog sitter for my little one...last minute heaters for the guest...a total problem solver. I was relaxed and blissful knowing I had the right girl to crack the whip...now that last sentence might not mean anything to you now but when that day comes, that is the single most important thing to you!

    Personal note to Laura - I will forever cherish these past 6 months... and remember how great it was to have had someone special like you to have planned it with. We often joked about how this wedding is really our wedding...and it really was. Thank you for being there for me, for being my friend when needed and my regulator when needed. The wedding lasted for just a few hours...but the memories will last forever.

    Love you Josefina Events!!!!

    Lauren & Ben

    I can't say enough great things about Josefina events and Dana!!!

    Our venue required my fiance and I to hire a wedding coordinator for the 3 months leading up to our wedding. We found Josefina Events and are beyond happy with our decision. Even though we aren't at the 3-month mark Dana has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to help! We are doing a destination wedding in San Diego and Dana has alleviated much of the stress that comes with planning a wedding. Dana is prompt and highly responsive on both the phone and through email. She has helped us find our necessary vendors and even met us for lunch just to meet when we were in San Diego this past fall. We have even had the experience of speaking with Laura who is so sweet! This lovely team is truly passionate about what they do! Dana is highly organized and I know our wedding day will run seamlessly all because of Dana and Josefina Events! We are getting married this June and I am confident Dana will execute an unforgettable day! If you are looking for a coordinator choose Josefina Events!

    . . .

    This is a follow-up review! Dana and Josefina events... hands down the best!!!! Dana was a few days shy of having a baby and still made it to our wedding tasting! She was beyond responsive with a few conflicts that arose the months leading up to our wedding. Dana is so calm and organized, everything one would need in a wedding coordinator. Aside from that, she is the sweetest person ever! She was of course early to our rehearsal and made the run through seamless! The day of the wedding Dana, again early, handled everything! She was there way before the day began and way after guests began to leave. My parents were in awe of how amazing Dana is at her job! My dad is a hard person to impress and he was so impressed with Dana!! If you need a coordinator look no further. Dana and Josefina Events will make sure any brides wedding day runs perfectly! My husband and I are going to miss working with Dana and wish we could get married all over again just to hire Dana!

    John & Tom

    I don't even know where to start. Josefina Weddings and Events was money well spent. Laura and her staff went above and beyond what we hired them to do. In our initial meeting, Laura said that she would give more than 100%. This wasn't a sales pitch. She was being honest and we couldn't be happier.

    There were times when things (that were out of Laura's control) were not working out the way we wanted them to work out. Laura handled every situation professionally. Her level-headed responses could calm any groom (or bride) to be. And I can't forget the best part: remember those problems that were out of her control and above her pay grade to fix? She would always come back having fixed them anyway, just because that's the kind of service that she offers.

    If you're looking for a hardworking, honest, problem solver that makes it look easy, Laura at Josefina Weddings and Events is the person for you!

    Hailey & Phil

    Dana with Josefina Events was wonderful!!! We live in Arizona and one of my concerns with planning an out of state wedding was knowing which vendors to use and not being there to coordinate with them. Josefina Events provided us with a long list of recommended vendors that were both awesome and within our budget. All of their recommended vendors were amazing and did a great job. Dana made our special day stress free and run smoothly. From the setup to the breakdown I did not have to worry about anything. I can't thank Dana enough for all the work she put into our wedding. It wouldn't have been a success without her.

    Ainidel & Ramon

    We hired Laura and her amazing team (Dana and Andrea) for our wedding this past October 17, 2015. We hired her to help us with last month coordination and we were in contact with her even before the last month. She was always so open and willing to answer any questions we had. We knew we wanted to hire her as soon as we met her, you can tell right away from her personality that she will make sure things run smoothly the day of your wedding! I gave her a list of how we wanted things set up for our wedding reception and when we walked in we were blown away! She and her team made our vision come to life!

    I had Dana with us at our rehearsal and during our church wedding ceremony and she was so great! Of course, we were running a little late getting to the church but she was so calm (which calmed me!), made sure I wasn't seen beforehand, lined everyone up and made sure I looked my best walking down that aisle. It was such an emotional and important moment for me, I was so glad to have her there. I literally felt like I had one of my best friends helping me that day :)

    Long story short, our wedding day was flawless because of Laura and her team! If something went wrong that day, I didn't know about it. Everything seemed absolutely PERFECT. My husband and I continue to talk about all our favorite parts and we are forever grateful to all of them. Not only are they amazing at what they do, they are the sweetest people! We have no regrets hiring them and definitely highly recommended them to anyone looking for wedding coordinators :)

    Calvin & Quyen

    We have absolutely no regrets in investing in a day of coordinator for our wedding this past June. For those of you on the fence, do it. It is money well spent. For those who are looking for one, look no further than Josefina Events. Contacting them was one of the best things we did for our wedding.

    Our biggest concern was that we were looking for someone who had experience with Chinese/Vietnamese tea ceremony traditions. However, the initial meeting with Dana put us at ease. Even tho she hadn't done a Chinese/Vietnamese tea ceremony before us, she was very willing to learn, take on the challenge and had a team she could lean on who had done similar tea ceremonies before.

    When it came to the day of, Dana went above and beyond our expectations. She was not only prompt and on top of all the details, she personally took great care of us. There were lots of little things throughout the day that Dana did to make sure we were taking care of ourselves or being taken care of. Dana executed the schedule and coordinated with our vendors extremely well and got rave reviews from them as well. She defined teamwork and acted as a great leader.

    We couldn't have done it without Dana and can't thank her enough for making our special day even more extra special.

    Leah & Louis

    Laura and her team were such an integral and intimate part of our special day that it feels a little weird to write a "review" for her. But in the interest of sharing with the world how wonderful she is and why you should jump at the chance of working with her, here goes:

    If you care enough to be looking for a wedding planner, chances are your wedding is extremely important to you. With your loved ones gathered on a day full of little moments you want to remember for the rest of your life, you need to have someone who is seasoned and who you can fully place your trust in. Laura is that friend who always has your best interest at heart, who will relentlessly fight on your behalf, and who is not afraid to be honest with you when her experience tells her that something you planned may not play out as you had hoped.

    In planning a wedding, you will be dealing with lots of vendors, contracts, and delicate coordination. If you are not a professional event planner, it can get a bit overwhelming juggling it all. Laura and Dana are the allies you need on your side who will find the best deals for you and clearly communicate with you each step of the way.

    Putting things in terms of dollars cheapens how highly we think of Laura and her team. But if that's what matters to you, the savings that Laura can get you - through her list of vendors and her negotiating skills - alone is worth what you would be paying her. The true value of working with her comes from having someone with so much heart and so dedicated to channeling all of her expertise in making the day special for you.

    Thank you, Laura, for all of your hard work. You put up with our many weird requests, you took it all in and still were able to make our wedding an amazing and memorable day for us and our guests